Houston Interfaith Sponsoring Committee
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

                                      Title                            Term                           Organization Affiliation

Dr. John Ogletree                    President                     2010-2012                   First Metropolitan Church


Franklin Olson                        Co-Chair                     2010-2012                   Memorial Drive United Methodist Church


Rev. Robert McGee                Co-Chair                     2010-2012                   Trinity United Methodist Church


Rev. Lisa Hunt                        Co-Chair                     2010-2012                   St Stephen's Episcopal Church


Rabbi Mark Miller                   Co-Chair                     2010-2012                   Congregation Beth Israel


Our Board of Directors are dedicated to training leadership from diverse faith and community institutions. HISC set out to bring religious institutions and citizens together to voice issues and concerns about the community at large, identifying leaders in the process to push for action and to effectively bring about change.

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